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Franklin, a portrait of a fisherman in Pimentel

Franklin comes to the Muelle in Pimentel often to fish. He doesn’t use a fishing pole, just a thin nylon thread with a hook and a stone at the end. A hand full of small mussels serves as bait. He opens one, scrapes off the meat and pokes the hook through it. With a quick movement he throws it far into the sea and waits for fish to bite. „When


A chat about the fishermen’s life in Pimentel

The fishermen Marcos Arenas Oliden and Sebastián Fiestas Ramirez are sitting on a bench at the beach promenade of Pimentel in Peru. They just met. We start chatting. It’s a bright, sunny day. The beach is empty. In the distance, fishing boats are gently rocking on the waves coming in from the Pacific. There are about 800 fisherman in Pimentel. Sebastián used to be one of them. He is 74